Coach Koe
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Cardboard Coach

Jeremy Lee
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Sports Card Live

Ryan Johnson
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Chris Sewall

Chris Sewall has made a career out of his lifelong hobby… buying and selling sportscards.  In 2020, he started his Youtube channel, “Baseball Card Collector Investor Dealer” to share his experiences and connect with other hobbyists.

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Baseball Card Collector Investor


Jeremy Donson

Jeremy Donson has been passionately buying and selling sportscard collections for over a decade.  Known as “The Texas Snowman”, he recently founded CIA Auctions.

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Troy Rike

After a successful career on the court, Troy founded TRIKE415 Sports Cards, a thriving sports card business that has quickly gained recognition in the industry. Alongside his entrepreneurial endeavours, Troy shares his expertise and insights with a global audience through his YouTube channel, TRIKE415 Sports Cards. With over 50,000 subscribers across all platforms and an impressive 5 million views, he continues to inspire and engage sports enthusiasts worldwide.

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Hugo Savage

Meet Hugo Savage, the mastermind behind Savage Cards. What began as online breaks during the early days of Covid, quickly evolved into a cornerstone of a quaint ski town in Quebec. Today, Savage Cards isn’t just a local gem; it’s a powerhouse on eBay Canada, renowned for its top-notch consignment services. Join Hugo on his journey from humble beginnings to eBay major player.

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